"As always, working with DNP is awesome! I've been an avid fan since Nov '97."

Scot Goodspeed
Media Business Development Manager


“There you are going above and beyond without even being asked. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WISH all my vendors were as easy and great to work with as you and your coworkers!!!! I feel so fortunate and privileged to work with all of you!!!”

Tharo Systems, Inc.
Michelle Lingle
Purchasing Agent

“You are the most cheerful person I deal with and darn good at your job! Thanks for always staying on top of things.”

Piedmont National Corporation
Mark Barnett

“I am very pleased with the way you guys stepped up to help out this customer! Well done. Should help us to keep this customer for quite a while. Value added! Please congratulate everyone on the team for us.”

Label & Barcode, Inc.
Phil Smith

"[My DNP representative] is a real gem. Love her!”

Weber Marking Systems - Canada
Shayne Riihimaki
Director of Operations

"[My DNP representative's] customer service skills are impeccable!”

accQtrax Labeling Technology
Bob Mercier

"...I’m very grateful for this. If we had this program ourselves for suppliers, I would also send DNP a gift ... for your excellence in the service you provide.”

Luis Mario Cuevas
Account Manager

"You’re one of my most valued partnerships, thank you for your quality products and outstanding service!"

Mark White
Business Development Representative


“The whole DNP Imagingcomm team has been awesome at jumping into action and resolving this very rare quality issue and making sure both EIS [and] our customer have been taken care of. Thanks again for the awesome support from all of you...!”

Doug Langford
Supply Chain Procurement


“I'm a new customer with DNP. … I received an email today from my customer as to the status of her order. I sent my inquiry to [my Sales Representative] and not 10 minutes later got a reply from [my Customer Service Representative].

… [My Customer Service Representative] not only got back to me very timely, she did a search on the UPS website and let me know that the order not only shipped on July 14th, she let me know that the order was on the truck and would be delivered today.

I have not gotten professionalism like that in years. Something so slight as letting me know that the order was on the truck and would deliver today just doesn't happen in business today. With other vendors, most tracking that I have to research gets me a tracking number, and I have to invest my time, go to the website, and track the order.

What [my Customer Service Representative] did was what customer service should look like. My experience with DNP is a definite ‘Two-Thumbs-Up!’ … One Happy Customer!”

PR Label Company


"You're the best! Quickest reply in the ribbon industry!!!"

Print Image
Sales Manager


"Just wanted to say thanks for taking [my business] seriously, and like I've said many times, you guys are top notch. Classic example of teamwork and successful partnering."

Thomas Total Business Solutions
Dave Thomas


"DNP ribbons saved the day for my customer. A delivery was made the next morning after an overnight shipment from DNP. The ribbons were in immediate need by a manufacturing company operating a continuous line. The line would have had to be stopped if labels could not be produced. The prompt availability of the DNP thermal ribbons has captured a new customer who in the past could not count on reliable shipments. I appreciate the continued support of DNP [Imagingcomm] America Corp."

M & M Solutions, Inc.
Ed Friedman


"...your company had to show great innovation and growth, which are not easy tasks given today's challenging business environment. Companies like DNP [Imagingcomm] America Corp. are helping to make sure that we maintain our manufacturing heritage and build the foundation for future generations to be successful here in Pennsylvania. I would like to thank you for the hard work that you strive for each day and for continuing to foster growth in the Commonwealth."

United States Senate
Patrick J. Toomey
United States Senator


"Your service ... is nothing short of awesome - always professional, always detailed, always working for the best outcome for your partner."

Huzzard Systems
Gary Jahnke


"I often compare this level of service with [your competitor].That’s why we have one customer with them (specific ribbons are the spec), and the rest of our customers with you."

Ideal Print Solutions
Rob Hawkins