DNP Newsletter July 2020 | Issue 2


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July 2020 | Issue 2

Selling Made Easy

Best in Class Products

Are you overwhelmed with all the thermal transfer ribbon options, or just looking for a quick solution? We've made it easy. Selling is simplified with four leading Best in Class DNP products proven to fulfill most TTR application needs.

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4 Reasons To Try V300

With Your Avery Dennison Label Application

V300 ink is formulated with a unique raw ingredient to provide versatility unlike any other thermal transfer ribbon. It provides an
ideal solution for an impressive range of Avery Dennison materials from polyester to synthetic paper, regardless of end-use.

Avery Dennison is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions.

Rose Henninger 1080x1080Rose Henninger Celebrate25 Years

Rose Henninger began her career in Mount Pleasant twenty-five years ago today as a slitter operator. “One person would run the slitter machine, and another person did the packing at the machine,” says Henninger. “We had to bag the rolls by hand and put them into Styrofoam containers that looked like big egg cartons.”

With only a few machines at that time, Rose was the sixth person hired for the slitting shift. “The formulation and item number had to be stamped onto the core of every ribbon. There were no ink jets, so we used tweezers to build a stamper from a container of letters and numbers. If we made a mistake, we had to redo it all.”

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Sewing Contractor Finds Success with DNP Wax

Sewing contractors and manufacturers mass-produce sewn products for many retail industries like apparel, sporting goods, medical supplies, and other textiles. To aid in the manufacturing process, sewing ticket tags are applied to bundles of materials. Learn about DNP’s TR4085plus® Resin-Enhanced Wax solution for this application here.


Replacement Ribbon Solution

M295HD High Density Near Edge Wax/Resin

This highly versatile wax/resin ribbon is a drop-in replacement for leading OEM near edge printer brands like Domino, Markem-Image or Videojet. M295HD’s ability to print on a wide variety of substrates from snack bags to medical device pouches, while still providing extreme darkness and speed, makes it the number one choice for flexible packaging applications.

Save with M295HD today!

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