DNP Newsletter April 2020 | Issue 1


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SmartPaks® Program

Are you a service bureau, kitting ribbons and labels, or purchasing 10+ cases at a time? Do you reship six packs? Whether you’re warehousing thermal transfer ribbons in bulk or distributing small quantities to end users, DNP has a SmartPaks solution for you.

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COVID-19 Update

DNP continues to operate as usual in Mount Pleasant and at our other three distribution points around the USA. While we take the necessary measures to protect our employees and their families, we remain fully operational and ready to fulfill your orders with on-time shipping.

We know that DNP's products are an essential part of a vital supply chain, and are aware of the need for TTR in order to continue operating these important sectors. Our products are being used for critical life-sustaining applications such as food, medical devices, pharmaceutical and cleaning supplies, as well as hospitals and laboratories.

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TR4085plus celebration

20 Years of TR4085plus®

TR4085plus has been leading the industry in its category since 2000, and even as DNP celebrates the 20th anniversary of its introduction to the market, this TTR formulation continues to be known for unmatched performance and durability.

Did you know TR4085plus is formulated with natural, organic waxes? This allows the ink to melt quickly and flow evenly, providing complete, dark transfer on every printed label and gives you one more reason to select TR4085plus as your wax of choice. With a 20-year record of quality and a guarantee that it will never fail, this ribbon stands on its own in a world of imitators.

We'd like to send a big "Thank You" to all our loyal customers for supporting this product. We couldn't have done it without you.

Happy birthday, TR4085plus!

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Seed Producer Finds Success with DNP Wax/Resin

Labels are needed for every package of seed sold in the United States. Tracking vegetables, grasses, corn, soybean and other products is important for growing crops that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Learn about DNP's MP Mid Premium Wax/Resin solution for this application here.

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V300 Is The Answer

Does using multiple TTR formulations cause confusion for your end user?

Does your staff spend time investigating quality complaints only to discover the end user was using an incorrect formulation?

Has your end user made a costly mistake printing labels with the wrong ribbon?

Save time and money with V300 today!