The high volume of carnauba wax in this unique formulation aids in allowing the ink layer to melt quickly and flow evenly, providing complete, dark transfer on every printed label. Recognized as the industry’s leading wax since 2000, TR4085plus® has excellent image clarity, edge definition and abrasion resistance on a wide range of labelstocks.

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The industry leader since 2000


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Melts cleanly and swiftly for complete ink transfer on many labelstocks


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Formulated to dissipate static


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Clearly defined, abrasion resistant images

“I sell to a large company that buys a lot of [thermal transfer] paper labels and ribbon to print them. They were buying from one of the lower cost ribbon suppliers and started having issues. They came to me, [and] I sent them TR4085plus to test. They loved it. They now buy about 30 boxes at a time about four times per year. TR4085plus helped me win the business and helped the customer print crisp, readable codes!”

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Amy Ramsey-Terry
Channel Sales Representative

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This ribbon has continually proven over many years to be the leader in its class. It is even UL-recognized with more than 30 Avery Dennison Fasson® materials, but we still recommend that you try your own sample of TR4085plus, and see it for yourself.


A floodcoat is a liquid coating that covers the entire surface of a substrate for protection or decoration. Floodcoat chemistry varies from color to color, which can make for difficult ink compatibility. TR4085plus is engineered with a unique blend of resins for superior compatibility when surface treatments vary.

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The most basic and economical of substrates, paper is ideal in clean, warm and dry environments. Paper labels are often used for shipping, packaging, and indoor applications. TR4085plus is the proven solution for uncoated paper as well as coated papers like Avery Dennison Fasson® Trans-Therm® 1C and 2C facestock.

Coated Paper

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Uncoated Paper

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Polyethylene (PE) is a strong, durable material that provides resistance to water and chemicals. It is a popular choice for environmentally-friendly, mono-material applications as it can be easily recycled with a PE container. Engineered with precise melt points, TR4085plus transfers quickly and completely, filling peaks and valleys even on rough surfaces like DuPont™ Tyvek®.

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19PA075 Polyart60TE
19PA075 Polyart52HCX
19PA075 PolyartCX65


Polypropylene (PP) provides a tear-proof, waterproof solution that is resistant to fading and discoloration. It is commonly used for retail and health & beauty packaging, as well as pharmaceutical applications like test tubes that must be stored in conditions where a paper would fade or become damaged by moisture. TR4085plus is a reliable solution even when faced with various surface treatments applied to biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP).


Synthetic Paper

Synthetics like Kimdura® were developed to have paper-like qualities and be receptive to commercial printing inks while providing durability and weatherability that a paper cannot. TR4085plus provides a total solution for applications like airline baggage tags, retail security labeling, and even health & beauty products. 

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Modern vellum, also known as parchment, is a plant-based material. This smooth, delicate stock is translucent and much thinner than standard papers, allowing for a greater number of labels per roll. Provide a more sustainable solution by pairing vellum with TR4085plus for applications like shipping, warehouse labels, work-in-process labels, and food delivery seals.

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