The most versatile thermal transfer ribbon on the market, V300 prints on everything from paper to PET at high speeds and low energy settings while providing superior mechanical durability and resistance to alcohols like methanol and isopropanol (IPA). V300 is UL and cUL recognized with over 80 materials.

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 Works on nearly everything


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Withstands alcohols like methanol and isopropanol (IPA)


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50% faster than any other ribbon in its class


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Lower print energy

“The V300 is fantastic. It prints very well on nearly everything. Most of our new synthetic materials in our current Label Stock line-up are Fasson®. It prints ‘Excellent’ on all the PET’s (including matte) and all our glossy BOPP’s except one. ‘Excellent’ in my testing means I can achieve a Grade ‘A’ ladder/rotated barcode at 10 -13 mil X-Dimension (UPC-A). Most all our new matte materials – synthetic and paper - printed ‘Well,’ meaning most text and barcodes print legibly and are scannable. The print may have rough edges or slightly broken print. None of our new materials – not even general thermal transfer paper – received a ‘Fail’ with V300! It really does seem to print on everything!”

ReThink Labels
Jeff Clark
Senior Technical Support

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Versatility Defined™

We've already tested and proven this formulation on many different substrates, but we recommend that you try your own sample of V300, and see it for yourself.


Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a durable printing surface commonly used for packaging applications in the medical, personal care, and food & beverage industries. During manufacturing, BOPP is stretched in two directions, giving it greater durability than regular polypropylene. The resulting substrate boasts higher gloss, clarity, and tensile strength and is resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, acid, and abrasion. Surface treatments on BOPP can vary greatly, so V300 provides a reliable solution for any application.

V300 Red BOPP Cleaner
V300 BOPP Poultry Tray
V300 BOPP Inventory Logistics
V300 Green BOPP Cleaner


Overlaminates are used to protect and extend the life of a label by shielding it from things like abrasion, sunlight, moisture, and chemicals. They are also used aesthetically to add gloss, matte, or textured finishes to a label. But, they can often make the surface of a material difficult or impossible to print on. V300 prints on it all, both thermal transfer and non-thermal transfer overlaminates. Try it yourself!

V300 ACPO 404 Overlam Food Beverage
V300 ACPO 404 Overlam Food Beverage 2
V300 Overlaminate Supplements
V300 Overlaminate Cleanse


The most basic and economical of substrates, paper is ideal in clean, warm and dry environments. Paper labels are often used for shipping, packaging, and indoor applications. Paper is typically corona treated to increase surface energy, improving wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. V300 is a fail-safe for paper, printing on all stages of aging corona-treatments. 

V300 Avery Dennison Fasson Paper


Polyester is versatile, durable, and waterproof. This substrate can withstand some pretty extreme environments, making it ideal for frozen food packaging in addition to automotive and chemical applications. Polyester is commonly subjected to surface treatments at both the manufacturer and aftermarket level. V300 is your single solution for any top coat or varnish. Give it a try!

V300 Polyester Toilet
V300 Polyester
V300 Polyester Pharmaceutical
V300 Gloss Polyester


Polyethylene (PE) is a strong, durable material that provides resistance to water and chemicals. It is a popular choice for environmentally-friendly, mono-material applications as it can be easily recycled with a PE container. This is another poly material that mates well with V300 due to the unique melt and flow properties of its ink.

V300 Arjobex Polyart PSL 50 Polyethylene


This polyolefin-based synthetic prints like paper while providing properties of a plastic. It is far stronger than conventional paper, resisting water, chemicals, oils, and grease. A good choice for environmentally-friendly applications, Polylith® can be recycled along with other plastic packaging materials like PE, PP, and PET. V300 provides a single solution for all gauges of Polylith®.

V300 Avery Dennison Fasson Polylith


Polypropylene (PP) provides a tear-proof, waterproof solution that is resistant to fading and discoloration. It is commonly used for retail and health & beauty packaging, as well as pharmaceutical applications like test tubes that must be stored in conditions where a paper would fade or become damaged by moisture. Unlike other thermal transfer ribbons in its class, V300 can provide a durable solution for more economical substrates like PP. 

V300 Polypropylene Tires
V300 Hop Syn DL Polypropylene

Synthetic Paper

Synthetics were developed to have paper-like qualities and be receptive to commercial printing inks while providing durability and weatherability that a paper cannot. They are a good solution for applications like airline baggage tags, retail security labeling, and even health & beauty products. Just like PP, V300 brings a level of printability and durability to these extremely economical labelstocks that is unmatched by other thermal transfer ribbons in its class. But don't take our word for it, try it with your own sample today. 

V300 Synthetic Electronics
V300 Synthetic Food Beverage


Vinyl is often applied to curved surfaces due to its flexibility, and frequently seen for automotive applications like bumper stickers and "next service due" or "oil change" window clings. The nature of the raw materials used to manufacture vinyl does not provide a surface that is very receptive to printing, but V300 flows and melts in such a way as to provide a complete transfer of ink for a clear, dark image on vinyl every time.

V300 Vinyl Auto

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