Monarch 9800 Series Printers


DNP has a core solution for your Monarch printer requirements.

Until now, the only thermal transfer ribbon solution for Monarch printers has been to center-justify film on a full-width 110mm core. This method of manufacturing presents a problem, as 64mm (2.5”) is the narrowest width available.

DNP is pleased to now offer new variable-width cores for Monarch 9800 Series printers. This includes 40mm, 55mm, 80mm, 89mm, and 110mm widths.

Our new cores eliminate the need to center-justify the ribbon on a fixed-width core and allow us to slit the most common sizes in the market.

IMG 3627 2
IMG 3670 2

This solution removes the possibility of slitting off-center ribbons, which causes problems when using center-justified labels. And, our new cores eliminate ribbon telescoping caused during manufacturing, shipping, and storage.

DNP’s Monarch cores are available for our entire lineup of thermal transfer ribbon formulations.

Ribbon Installation

Monarch 9800 Series printers have unique plastic spindles with three equally spaced grooves. They require thermal transfer ribbons wound on specially-designed cores with corresponding splines. 


When installed properly, this matched set of spindle grooves and core splines securely locks the ribbon in place and prevents movement of the ribbon on the spindle during printing.

The thermal transfer ribbon must be lined up correctly to slide onto the spindle. A slight resistance may be felt over the last 1/4" of engagement as the ribbon's core grips the printer's spindle, but the ribbon must be pushed completely onto the spindle to prevent any shifting or "walking" during printing.

Incorrect: Spindle is exposed.
Correct: Spindle is no longer exposed.