Flat Head vs. Near Edge


Flat Head

Flat head printers have a traditional printhead that can provide image resolutions from 203 to 600 dots per inch (DPI). Their ribbons are married with labels for a small distance to the peel point after passing the heating element. These models will print at speeds up to 12 inches per second (IPS).

Flathead 1920x1080

Near Edge

In contrast, near edge printers with their floating printheads will run more than twice as fast at speeds over 26 IPS. Ribbons for these printers are married with labels only for an instant prior to the peel point, requiring a special formulation engineered for quick release of ink from the base PET film. A floating printhead means not having to make adjustments for various media thicknesses, but the image resolution for these printers is just 200 to 300 DPI.

NearEdge 1920x1080