R510HF Ultra Durable Resin

Versatility Series
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Product Description

Halogen-free R510HF is one of the toughest resin ribbons on the market. It’s the only halogen-free resin ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with our unmatched scratch and solvent resistance. Designed with our standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect the printhead, R510HF has unbeatable edge definition for crisp, extremely durable, and dense barcodes for harsh environments.

Standard Colors


Recommended Substrates

  • Vinyl (Topcoat)
  • Polyesters (Gloss)
  • Polyesters (Matte)



Specialty Materials
  • Polyimide

What Customers Are Saying

"Our customer has tested & approved [R510]. We did some testing internally, too. The label was applied to a plastic bottle, then put into a steam tunnel until the bottle melted. The image and ribbon adhesion on the label held up fine. I'm told the ribbon is 'wicked tough stuff.'"

Gintzler International
Todd Wisti

"DNP's R510 thermal transfer resin ribbon product is recognized as an industry standard for automotive and electronic (circuit board) applications."

Faye M. O'Briskie
Market Development Leader
Electronic Printing Business Team

"Polyonics, Inc., manufactures high temperature, chemical resistant label material for harsh industrial applications. Our state of the art laboratory facility is staffed by knowledgeable experts with over 100 years experience in inks, coatings, and industrial application problem solving. We have performed over 3500 individual tests to date on our product line with thermal transfer ribbons from numerous ribbon companies. DNP’s R510 ribbon ranked among one of the best ribbons to use on Polyonics products using Polyonics laboratory tests. Underwriter Laboratories has given UL Recognition to DNP’s R510 with many of Polyonics Label materials. The R510 is an excellent ribbon."

Polyonics of Westmoreland, NH
Mark Williams
Technical Services Manager