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About Us

At DNP, we don't make thermal transfer ribbon, we craft it - with dedication, experience, the finest materials and stringent quality control. It's in our DNA.

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DNP offers a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbon thermal transfer printer supplies. We've got the TTR to meet any application need.

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From automotive and chemicals to retail and security, if there's an industry that uses a barcode, chances are they're using DNP.

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Support & Resources

We're committed to providing world-class service and support - with a responsive customer support team, sales materials, online tools and more.

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Learning Center

Choosing the right ribbon for an application can be a challenge. DNP provides the critical information you need for success.

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Sample Express®

Want to try out the finest TTR on the planet? We make it easy, with over 150 different ribbons available for testing.