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Barcoding is becoming mandatory for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Tracking the manufacturing of a specific drug or device is critical for the supplier and the consumer. It's important for a pharmaceutical company to control and regulate the inventory of a specific drug, as well as for the local pharmacy to control the consumer supply of that drug. It's imperative for a medical device manufacturer to provide complete traceability. Both applications require printing that is crisp and durable.


Tag / Paper
  • Uncoated Tag
  • Coated Tag
  • Coated Face Sheets
  • Uncoated Face Sheets
  • Gloss Sheets
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyolefin
  • Vinyl (Topcoat)
  • Polyesters (Gloss Topcoat)
  • Polyesters (Matte Topcoat)


Specialty Material
  • Fabric Care Labels
  • Polyimide
  • PVC Shrink Wrap
  • Tyvek®
  • Tyvek Brillion®
  • Valeron®

DNP's Resin for Specimen Slides

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, traceability of medications, laboratory samples, medical devices and patient wristbands is essential. Strict legal requirements must be followed to minimize risks and ensure security. Printed labels must withstand extreme temperatures; liquids like blood, alcohol, and cleaning products; and frequent abrasion and scratching due to handling. Variable information must remain highly legible and accurate.


DNP’s R510HF Ultra Durable Resin thermal transfer ribbon is one of the toughest resin ribbons on the market. With unmatched scratch and solvent resistance, R510HF is capable of handling extreme environmental conditions. When a global provider of biological specimens approached DNP with a request for a ribbon that would work for labeling samples used in a cryogenic environment, we knew their BOPP labels would require a durable TTR solution. R510HF ensured the information printed on their labels would withstand low temperatures.