We understand that choosing the right ribbon for the right application can often be a complex process. Every ribbon application has its own distinct set of variables, each requiring special attention. Conducting business in the AIDC Industry is complicated enough. To help simplify matters, we've developed an extensive database of real-time information that is important to our customers when making business decisions.

Find Your Ribbon

This tool is backed by decades of in-house application testing, as well as UL-recognized ribbon and label combinations. Narrow DNP’s broad range of thermal transfer ribbon formulations to your specific printing needs by selecting from over 100 substrates, printers, applications, and certifications. Free samples and additional product information are also available from the results. Check it out now!

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Printer Guide

This database of over 2,100 thermal transfer printers will help you determine which OEM TTR configuration you'll need to purchase. Find out now.

Sample Express®

Receiving samples of thermal transfer ribbons is easy! Click here to have DNP send you free rolls for testing today. 

Ribbon Order Calculator

How many meters of thermal transfer ribbon will you need for your run of labels? Find out here.

Learning Center

This is the perfect place to research important industry-related information. Refresh your knowledge on the basics of thermal transfer printing or compare thermal transfer printing to other variable imaging technologies. The Learning Center also provides tips to solve common printing problems, and details about rules, regulations, and certifications that affect our AIDC industry. DNP is constantly updating the Learning Center to provide the most current information as it relates to the world of thermal transfer printing.

Video Library

See what makes DNP the premier supplier of TTR. Watch our videos and discover all the advantages of DNP. See how we make our thermal transfer ribbon. Learn more about DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. Get educated on how TTR works. Start watching now.

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At DNP, partnerships are all about generating more revenue together. We provide our distributors and reseller partners with all the knowledge, tools, support, and customized material to accelerate sales and growth. We want to play an active role in your success and reward both sales and loyalty. Register now to access exclusive content and manage your DNP thermal transfer ribbon account online.


This interactive training will equip you to become an informed DNP thermal transfer ribbon reseller. Enhance your industry knowledge at your own pace through our series of short videos and five-question quizzes. Complete each course to receive an official Certificate of Completion. Use your Partner Login to start training now.

DNP Inkfinder

This website that looks and feels like a mobile application provides you with DNP thermal transfer ribbons to replace over 6,000 supplier parts and formulations. Learn more or check it out now with your Partner Login.