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DNP is on the part. Barcodes applied onto thousands of parts used in an automobile are printed with extremely durable DNP TTR that can withstand the high solvent, heat and abrasive conditions of automotive manufacturing plants. DNP is under the hood. Gasoline, engine oil, and transmission fluid are just some of the harsh chemicals that can be found underhood. Our ribbon produces barcodes that are chemical resistant and hold up to tough working conditions.


Tag / Paper
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  • Coated Tag
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  • Gloss Sheets
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyolefin
  • Vinyl (Topcoat)
  • Polyesters (Gloss Topcoat)
  • Polyesters (Matte Topcoat)


Specialty Material
  • Fabric Care Labels
  • Polyimide
  • PVC Shrink Wrap
  • Tyvek®
  • Tyvek Brillion®
  • Valeron®

V200 Solution for Auto Service Reminders

Oil stickers and other service reminders are an effective and low-cost way to create repeat business for auto dealers, repair shops, and service departments. To foster customer loyalty, they are customized to include the auto dealership or repair shop’s name and contact information. Available in static cling or light adhesive varieties, these stickers can encourage repeat business for oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and more. Since they are placed on the interior of a vehicle’s windshield, service reminders must be easily removable without leaving any residue.

Static cling oil change stickers are constructed from a clear or white vinyl film and offer the traditional look and feel used in auto repair shops and service stations for many years. With static cling labels, there is no possibility of leaving residue behind on the windshield.

Light adhesive labels are also offered in clear or white material and are constructed from water-resistant polypropylene film. They are backed with a low-tack adhesive formulated to be easily removed without leaving residue.

Recently, a well-known national repair shop approached one of our distributors for a ribbon solution for their service reminders. Our laboratory experts tested V200 Versatile Wax/Resin. Made in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, this premium and economical formulation prints deep black barcodes, delivering excellent small character clarity and edge definition. It’s also exceptionally resistant to abrasion and solvents and designed to print on a wide variety of receiving materials - even floodcoats and varnishes. V200 was an excellent choice for this application and worked perfectly for the job.

DNP Resin Ribbon Solves Car Manufacturer's Logistic Problems

A reseller on the West Coast approached DNP with a major opportunity, which was at the same time a tall order. A large Japanese car manufacturer wanted to print thermal transfer labels to attach to SUV's at their US distribution center. These labels needed to contain many important pieces of information: the vehicle identification number (VIN) in both text and barcode form, additional features that the car was shipping with, and the name of the dealership to which it was being delivered.

The label was a top-coated polypropylene and more suited for wax or wax/resin thermal transfer printing. However, the smudge and scratch resistance required by the end user was greater than most premium wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons available. Furthermore, portions of the label were floodcoated - a quick and easy visual check for differentiating various shipments, but often difficult to print using thermal transfer technology. There was also a print speed requirement of 8 inches per second (IPS) - a reasonable speed with all other things being equal, but much more demanding considering the entire scope of the requirements for the application. The end user had tried many other competitor's ribbons without success.

The labels were forwarded to DNP, tested, and we quickly discovered that our R300 General Purpose Resin ribbon was an excellent choice for this application. One of the many advantages of R300 is its great label adaptability. This means that it is equally at home on floodcoated face stocks as it is on labels specifically designed for imprinting resin thermal transfer ribbons. Also, the print speed requirement was no problem; R300 has been shown to print ANSI Grade "A" ladder barcodes at print speeds of 12 IPS. In addition, it provided the necessary durability mandated by the application.