Outdoor labeling requires TTR printing that can withstand weather conditions, hot or cold, rain or shine. These applications also have to hold up to other factors such as abrasions and solvents found in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. No matter what the extreme, an extremely durable ribbon is needed.

Lawnmower Manufacturer Finds Success with DNP Resin

A reseller in the southeastern United States had an end user who needed to print compliance labels for the under-carriage of a lawnmower. As can be imagined, the bottom of a lawnmower is subject to a variety of conditions including gasoline, water, dirt, and grass clippings. In addition to the myriad of extreme environmental conditions, the compliance label, which would include warranty information about the lawnmower, needed to remain readable for a minimum of one year.

The reseller recommended using a Zebra 140 as the printer and an undisclosed 2 mil polyester label as the substrate. It was now time to identify a ribbon that could provide a crisply printed image, as well as withstand the various conditions under the lawnmower for at least one year.

It was easy for the reseller to identify the grade of ribbon needed. Based on the requirements of the application, a resin ribbon was the only grade that could print successfully onto polyester labels while, at the same time, withstanding the high durability requirements set forth by the end user.

Using the information provided by the reseller, DNP recommended R510 Ultra Durable Resin for testing at the end user's facility. The reseller tested R510 as well as two other competing resin ribbons from different manufacturers. Of all ribbons tested, DNP's R510 received the highest scores in durability and print quality.