Celebrating 30 Years


DNP is proud to share two employees celebrating 30 years of employment! While several DNP employees celebrate double-digit anniversaries, Patty Hensel and Donna Rockmore claim the title of longest-employed site employees. Beginning their careers with Sony Electronics, these women continue today at DNP Imagingcomm America's Barcode Division.  While their roles have changed, their hard work and dedication have not.

Patty 225X225

All About Patty:
Patty Hensel is the Senior Pricing Administrator at DNP's Mount Pleasant, PA facility. In June 1992, she began her career as a material handler at Sony Electronics. Patty's roles have varied throughout her thirty years, from driving forklifts in the warehouse to Accounting and now a Pricing Administrator.  

Her position is not the only thing that has changed over the years. When she joined Sony in 1992, Patty's daughter, Alyssa, was three months old. Now Alyssa is 30, and Patty cannot believe the milestone.

While she witnessed the implementation of ERP systems and DNP's acquisition of Sony Chemicals, Patty's most significant takeaway from her time is her DNP Family. "We have shared many events in our personal life like weddings, births of children/grandchild, graduations to illnesses, and the passing of our loved ones. We've shared many laughs and tears, and I am very thankful for my DNP family."

All About Donna:
Donna Rockmore started at Sony Electronics in July 1992 as a Customer Service Representative. As a mother to four young boys at home, she knew how to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. While Donna continues excelling in the customer service role, her family has grown. Her four boys have grown up, one in college, and three have families of their own, blessing Donna with eight grandchildren.

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During her employment, Donna witnessed the implementation of process automation. She remembers faxing order confirmations to customers daily, separating invoices, and stuffing envelopes and is thankful for the upgrades. Working directly with the customer allowed Donna to develop relationships with her customers, many of which are still going strong.

Donna possesses an associate degree in Business and is working on expanding upon that. "This has always been a goal for me," Donna explains. She is only nine classes away from completing her bachelor’s degree in Business/Human Resources Management.

Cheers to the Next Milestone
DNP is proud to celebrate the commitment of these loyal employees. Both Patty and Donna have grown personally and professionally over the last three decades, and we are thankful to be a part of their journey. Please join us in congratulating Patty and Donna on reaching this impressive, record-breaking milestone.