DNP Introduces Versatility Series


Mount Pleasant, PA – DNP, the premier thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) technology supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of a reimagined TTR product line derived from existing DNP offerings - the Versatility Series. The Versatility Series simplifies the thermal transfer ribbon selection process by offering four proven products, minimizing your inventory and changeover expenses while ensuring consistently superior output quality.

"DNP's Versatility Series embodies our commitment to innovation and simplicity. While ribbons may look alike, our unique technology sets them apart, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility. With the Versatility Series, we're streamlining the choice for thermal transfer ribbons, addressing over 90% of application needs and ensuring consistent, high-quality results," said Mark Bjerkestrand, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of DNP.

Key Highlights of the Versatility Series:


With a focused range of just four products, the Versatility Series caters to most industry applications while ensuring a streamlined TTR selection process that empowers users to make an efficient and confident choice every time.


The Versatility Series stands out for its impressive compatibility with various substrates and surface materials, effortlessly adjusting to diverse printing needs. This adaptability not only leads to a significant reduction in errors but also reduces inventory requirements and limits the frequency of production changeovers.


Beyond its carefully engineered design, this series has proven its robust and flexible nature. The Versatility Series overcomes common substrate challenges while delivering an exceptional performance from start to finish.

Emerging from a lineage of DNP products that have continually surpassed traditional TTR norms, the Versatility Series delivers consistent, reliable, and high-quality results. The Versatility Series streamlines the selection process, offering fewer SKUs to clarify choices and diminishes the likelihood of less-than-ideal ribbon selections. Beyond product excellence, DNP values its cherished reseller community.

To learn more about the Versatility Series of thermal transfer ribbons or to inquire about our resale partnership opportunities, please contact us at or

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