DNP Newsletter June 2022 | Issue 6


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Employee News

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Masayoshi Matsuda
Process & Product Development Manager

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 Ashley L Rothey 225X225

Ashley Rothey
Marketing Manager

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V300 for Blood Bag Labeling

The American Red Cross estimatesFotolia 3656383 S blood bag
that 6.8 million people donate blood annually in the US. That’s a lot of donations, and they need to be traceable. Information about blood donations, from the original collection location to hospitals, must be recorded accurately on container and bag labels. Resistance to abrasion, extreme temperatures, and moisture is necessary during processing and storage.

Learn how V300 saved the day.

Find Your Ribbon ToolLeading Leader 225x225

If you are searching for a ribbon for a specific
application, we've made it easy.

Our "Find Your Ribbon” feature is backed by decades
of in-house application testing, as well as UL-recognized ribbon and label combinations. Website visitors can narrow DNP’s broad range of thermal transfer ribbon formulations to their specific printing needs by selecting
from over 100 substrates, printers, applications, and certifications.

Easily find the perfect ribbon to match your application by using our Find Your Ribbon Tool, which is yet another resource to simplify TTR sales for our resellers.

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 eCommerce Reorder Alerts

Did you know our eCommerce website tracks customer ordering patterns to predict upcoming inventory needs and draw attention to lost business? You can find this handy Reorder Alert report on the site under My Orders

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