Employee spotlight: Walt Myers


Walt Myers began his career as a slitting operator for DNP in February nine years ago. With an average output at 150% of goal and a personal record of 244%, he says what he loves most about the job is “the ability to work independently and choose how to be the most efficient.” He also appreciates the comradery of his co-workers, saying, “they are all fun to work with.”

Walt Meyers 225X225

Walt is extremely competitive and enjoys playing video games with his wife of 8 years, Colleen. He’s not a fan of TV, but he likes listening to podcasts. He is currently listing to an interview of theoretical physicist Brian Greene from the 2018 World Science Festival.

Walt also spends many hours poring over spreadsheets for fantasy sports. He is a huge fan of basketball and football, though he does not have a favorite team. He admits that he is “obsessed” and takes his fantasy leagues “way beyond a hobby.”

DNP is proud to put the spotlight on Walt and his exemplary work ethic. He is just one of many behind the scenes at DNP in Mount Pleasant giving more than 100% to provide customers with high quality TTR. The next time you open a box of DNP ribbons, there’s a good chance Walt Meyers slit them for you.