Our Commitment to Safety


We are proud to announce that DNP has received
Safety Committee Certification 202306certification for our Workplace Safety Committee from Pennsylvania's Department of Labor & Industry. The committee aims to promote cooperation between management and employees to create a safe and healthy workplace. It consists of both management, including EH&S Supervisor Melissa Fitch and Engineering Manager Jonathan Andrews, and non-management employees, such as Slitting Trainer Jodie Hixson and Maintenance Technician Roy Perry. The committee is responsible for detecting, investigating, and correcting workplace hazards and establishing preventative measures. Additionally, they aim to promote safety awareness and accountability among all members of the company.

Every month, the committee meets to talk about safety matters, which include assessing protocols, teaching employees, and other related topics. They frequently inspect the plant to pinpoint areas that require improvements, follow up on safety suggestions from workers, and educate new recruits on safety procedures at DNP.

The committee prioritizes preventing employee injuries, but there are several other advantages to their efforts. By encouraging employees to report safety concerns and educating them on risks and hazards, we can create a safer workplace and reduce the likelihood of OSHA citations. DNP is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, and we are proud to have earned our Workplace Safety Committee certification.