Snowman Decorating Contest Winners


Thank you for your votes! The winners of DNP's First Annual Snowman Decorating contest are...

Most Creative

Designed by: Bill Vibostak, Joe Lape, Marcia Hela, and Mitch Sasala

DNP materials used: TR4085plus, TR4500, VR301 Gold, carbon black, carbon dispersant, resins, cores, barcode labels

Best Presentation

Designed by: Joseph Orr, Juli Noel, and Silvana Lewis

DNP materials used: TR3021, TR3023, marketing supplies



Designed by: Alex Levandoski, Bob Blanch, Harvey Hershberger, Matt Banks

DNP materials used: none

Best Use of DNP Materials

Designed by: Debbie Annarella, Emily Good, Yukari Fabrizi

DNP materials used: MP Wax, black and color wax TTR, hologram specialty resin TTR, cores, packaging materials, office supplies, and promotional items